Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving the Pumpkin

A letter to my husband:
These are the top 4 reasons why we need a new camera. These pictures are horrible! We had a good time cutting the pumpkins and digging out all the "goo", but I could not picture the wonderful moments on the camera! Also, I took a little video to show our family and friends, which would have been adorable, but it will not display. Therefore, Jeff we NEED a new camera.
I love you!!
Sweetness :-)

Number One- I can't see the pumpkin. If I could see the pictures I would be able to see I needed to take another picture!

Number 2- Okay this one is pretty cute :-)

Number 3- Where is the pumpkin? Who knows, we can't see it because the camera is BROKEN!

Number 4- Again, things are missing. Do we see a pattern here?
What do you think, do we need another camera?
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween tomorrow. I will try to post pictures tomorrow or Saturday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Festival and Random Fun!

Well we went to another festival with our friends Katherine, Kasey, and Kemp on Saturday. We had a great time, but we are just feeling so blah with our allergies! The picture above is Kylie smiling at her daddy. There is something about her daddy that always makes her smile as soon as she sees him. She is babbling more and more since a couple of weeks ago. She is saying mama, dada, baba, and hhhhhiiiiiii. It sounds really cute when she says it! She is waving a lot now too. I just love watching the new things kids learn. I am so proud of her and Dillon. We have two great kids!

The thumb in her mouth and hand up to her ear is the tell all sign that she is tired!

They had a little craft station where we put stickers on pumpkins. Katherine and Kemp are right next to us on the left. Kemp looked adorable! She is getting so big so quick. She will be two soon in January.

There we are again :-)

Dillon and Daddy trick or treating again. Dillon does not eat candy so all of the candy will go to my classroom. We are definitely getting our money's worth on the costume!

Dillon and Kemp rode in a wagon on the way to the festival. IF we had a GOOD camera I would have had better pictures, but Jeff is still saying NO to the new camera :-(

Here is Dillon playing at Katerine and Kasey's house.

There is Kylie girl with an adorable hat that one of my mom's patients made her.

Well the last part is a video of Dillon playing with Kylie after bath time was over. Kylie just thinks her brother is the greatest. The video did not even do her enthusiasm justice because she was cracking up at Dillon like I have never seen before.
Have a great night!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well I just wanted to post some quick pictures of Kylie, Dillon, and Jeff before we went out to the festival with our friends. I will post those pictures tomorrow. The last of the pictures are Jeff and Dillon building a fort for the first time. Dillon thought it was more fun to jump on the fort, but they had a great time together building a fort and watching Justice League before we get ready for our big day. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dillon's First Field Trip

Well Dillon had his first field trip today so I took a day off because I was not about to miss his first field trip! This is a picture of his class after they got done picking pumpkins and were about to leave. Of course Dillon's attention span by now has gone out the window! It is really hard to see but he is on the left hand side of the pictire kind of in the middle.
This is the students by the bus as we were about to leave. Some of the parents were talking because we think that some of the students were more excited about the bus. I know Dillon has been wanting to ride a big bus for a long time now! Of course we could not get the students looking at the camera so we took what we could. Dillon would never look at the camera for me. He was too interested in everything else going on!
Jeff stayed home today because he had a procedure to get the mole off his face removed. While I was upstairs loading pictures he calls for me to come down and help him. When I got downstairs, this is what I saw. Kylie is such an adventurer and decided to crawl behind the couch to get some toys and balls left over from the dog. She was so proud of herself. Socs was pretty happy too because she was able to retrieve her long lost balls from behind the couch caper. Kylie has been having some allergies lately so she is not in the best of moods lately. Poor little one is sooooo snotty. I gave her Benadryl for the first time and that seemed to help a lot!
Here she is after we moved the couch to get her.
Look at those eyes! Her allergies are just making her a little crazy.

I love this picture! When we first got to the pumpkin farm I looked up and saw this! Isn't it gorgeous?
Here is Dillon getting off the big bus. I think it is hilarious to watch all of us parents break out the cameras because we do not want to miss a thing!
Getting ready for the tractor ride to go get the pumpkins.
You can hardly see it but there are the pumpkins. Did you know the bottom of the pumpkin is called the belly button? You learn something new everyday!
Dillon finally found his pumpkin. He was the last one to finally pick one. You were able to go throughout the pumpkin patch and raise your hand when you found the one you want. Dillon took an awfully long time to pick one, but it was perfect in his eyes because he found it.
Well, Jeff and I are going to watch the Hulk while Kylie is napping and before we pick up Dillon. Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer Game

Well I just had to post because I was so excited!!! Last night while playing soccer I actually scored a goal! Yes, Yes! I was beyond ecstatic because it was a good shot on the goal too. I wish Jeff and the kids could have seen it. They have not been able to go to a game yet because of the times or kids being sick. However, they should be able to come to one soon.
Soccer has been a lot of fun and it is interesting to see the difference between playing for fun and competitive. I love playing for fun! Some of the people that are on the team played club in the past, but it is good to get together, play a game and go home. It brings back a lot of memories of when I was younger! I love it!
Anyway, last night there was a chill in the air and it was a lot of fun. Jeff and I were talking and we were hoping that we will be able to play on a team together within the next year or two when the kids are a little older. There was some girl last night that said some girls were trying to get a woman's league together. I think that would be great. It would be more of my element.
Well I will try to get more pictures up soon. Kylie has some bad allergies right now and she has some crazy stuff coming out of her eye! DISGUSTING! I have to call the doctor to see how much allergy medicine to give her. Dillon's eczema is getting pretty bad now too. I hate it when I see his skin as bad as it is, but I know it could be worse so I am thankful that he does well when he has treatment. I am just hoping that one day he will outgrow it like the doctors said he would!
Well I am at school so I have to get going and pick up my next class. I hope everyone has a wonderful night!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo in the Zoo and Pumpkin Patch

Don't you just love the fall! Dillon, Kylie and I went to go visit our friends in North Carolina this weekend. We had such a great time. Reece is going to be 4 this month and Avery just turned 1. Kristy and I had a wonderful time catching up and just chatting away. It is always so nice to visit with them. Anyway, Kristy wanted to go to a local pumpkin farm about 40 minutes from her house in Huntersville, NC. It was the best pumpkin patch I have ever been to. Now, that is not that much but they had so much to do. Dillon and Reece had a great time diving into corn. No that is not a misprint, instead of jumping in balls, at the pumpkin patch you jump into corn kernels. It was really cool to watch. They had so much stuff there like a tractor ride, playground, corn pit, corn maze, huge tires, animal farm, and much much more. I want to bring Jeff next time. Jeff was supposed to come but he had to go into work and get some stuff done. I thought I was giving him a little day off since we were gone from 9:00 in the morning until 8:30 at night but when I came home I had a surprise waiting for me. The laundary was done, the house was clean, and he installed our new tv stand upstairs in the loft. He was working hard all day! I love that man!
My girl loved the pumpkins, she just sat up and started to pound away!
Dillon and Reece really enjoyed running around the pumpkins and jumping around!
Here is proof. Look at the background. It was a beautiful day and it was about a cool 60 degrees. It was definitely starting to feel like winter.

Here is the duck race. Dillon was trying to figure out how to do it and win! He was not that successful though. However, he had a great time. :-)
He was able to paint his face and of course he picked a pumpkin for the pumpkin patch.
Here are Dillon, Reece, and Avery on the tractor ride.

I think this was a double. OOPPPS!

Here are Dillon, Reece, and Kristy feeding the goats. Right after I took this picture one of the goats bit Reece on the hand. Bad Goat!
Here is Kylie just chewing away on her Puffs. I love it when the kids can snack on foods. The girl loves to eat, just does not seem to put on the weight.
This was hilarious to see because the boys were just throwing all of the mulch all over the place. They throught it was the best thing in the world. It was very hard to get all of the mulch off them.
Dillon rolling down a hill. You can see the big tires to play on in the background.
Look at my hair, the wind is blowing it like crazy. Kylie thought it was funny though!

Dillon at Reece's house playing with the trains.
Reece was teaching Dillon how to play golf at their house. He is an amazing golf player, he was able to teach Dillon how to hit the ball more. He was too cute because he was really trying to teach Dillon to keep his eye on the ball and hit it!

The pictures below are the start of Boo at the Zoo. Dillon was just beyond excited here! We met up with some friends from Jeff's work. Dillon was impressed with all of the kids in costumes. It was the perfect weather when we went because it was raining all day and then it cleared up while we were there. Dillon was dressed as Batman and Kylie is dressed as a pea. Jeff and I dressed up as ourselves :-)

This is Dillon and Stefan.
I think Stefan really wanted his candy!
What a good daddy!

Here he comes to save the day! Batman will save you, look at those muscles!

Family picture. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband and beautiful children :-)

Well, that was a long post and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a wonderful night and I will post more pictures on Tuesday!