Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sorry about such a long delay in updating. We had such a wonderful break together and Christmas that it was hard to make myself get to the computer. Dillon got a bike from Santa and we have been spending most of our days playing outside with our new toys, playing with friends, and riding our bikes. Things have been a little crazy. I returned to school and so did the kids. I think that I am exhausted and already ready for summer vacation! How ridiculous is that! We have 6 more months until June arrives. Anyway, thank you for all the family that sent money to get the presents. The kids had a wonderful time opening all of their presents and knowing how Uncles, Aunts, Grandmas, Grandpas, Great Grandmas, and Nanas, and Papas love them so much with all of their wonderful things. We appreciate all you have done!

This is Dillon with his race track. When his friend Reese came over, they had a great time racing with each other.

Kylie and Dillon love to play in the new ball house together. Kylie likes that there are so many openings to get in and out from.

Here is her baby stroller and baby from Great Grandma Dillon. Thank you!

This picture just shows how apprciative Dillon was during the opening time. He was hilarious because he just kept hugging us and saying thank you over and over again. I love that kid!

Here is Kylie playing in the wrapping paper. This is one of my favorite pictures of her.

This is a picture of Kylie's pile of presents. Seriously, they were spoiled this Christmas with all the things people sent them! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

Here is Dillon's pile. The picture is small so it is hard to get the full picture, but it was so much fun watching his expression for his presents. Kylie only wanted to climb on the boxes, she did not want anything to do with opening the presents. She was too busy climbing!

Here is Dillon with his new scooter. He loves to ride that thing in the house. Maybe we should not let him, but you are only a kid once and he loves to chase us around the house with his scooter.

Kylie loved her Noah's Ark from Nana and Papa. Here she is doing what she does best, chewing on her toys. Dillon really enjoyed playing with it too.

This is the kids getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve before they opened their one present. I have never seen Dillon go to bed so early. He was ready for Santa to come. Jeff went up in the attic and rang some bells and said, " Ho, Ho, Ho!" The look on Dillon's face was priceless because he could hear Santa!
Well I better get going. I will post the New Year's pictures soon :-)
Have a wonderful day and we hope you are having a wonderful new year!!
Jeff, Staci, Dillon, Kylie, and Socs