Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Day with the Dombroski's During Summer

Things are always going on around here. Yesterday was a fantastic day with friends. We started off at the zoo and met up with the Tavernetti family and then finished at the pool with the Rizzitello family. I love the summer! The pictures are out of order, but at least I am posting them :-)
This first picture is Kylie when I think she was tired of me calling her name. Can you see the attitude in her look!? She is definitely a little handful at times!

This is Dillon and Anthony. They have so much fun together!

Kylie and Madeline were so cute together on this little swing at the park. You can tell that they both needed to get down for a nap. We left shortly aftr the picture.

Dillon is always cheesing it up with his little sister. Can you tell Kylie is thinking, " What is he doing now?"

This is at the zoo. There is a little mister area and Kylie was pointing at it like she was going to go, and then decided against it until Dillon took her through.

Dillon and Will together. They are two of the sweetest little boys when they are together. Such good friends :-)

Here is the Tavernetti family. This is my friend Stephanie and she is going to be having another baby in October. It will be another girl so we are very excited for her!

Kylie and Dillon were amazed at the animals.

Well I better get going because I have A LOT of cleaning to do since we have been out every day this week with friends. I hate that summer is coming to an end. However, we have a couple more weeks of together time and then it is back to work for me. At least I enjoy my job, but I will miss the kids :-(
Have a great night!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sibling Companionship

The kids are doing so wonderful! I love how the kids get together and can just play together with no fights. I know that will change later on in life, but I am loving their relationship right now! The nighttime ritual lately seems to be the kids getting on the couch and wrestling with each other. Kylie just cracks up and Dillon loves to have his sister laughing :-)

Here is an ice cream treat for the kids after they played outside with the water toys. They were famished!

Look at adorable Dillon! He kept asking me to take his picture of him licking the cone.

The kids do such a great job playing outside. The weather has been beyond amazing so it is so nice when we can sit on the deck and watch the kids playing together with their water toys and BBQ.

This is a picture from inside the house of Kylie pointing at me. I love it!!!

This is before we went off to Bruce and Nancy's house to have dinner. I finally got a bow in that stubble she used to call hair. Now she can get a bow in her hair with no problem. Next, pigtails :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

" Hello, my name is Staci and I am a Sodaholic!"

Okay.... so by the title of the blog you know that the soda thing or should I say absence of soda... is not working for me! It is my drug and I want to have it! Somebody suggested that I could try a club soda and add lime..... YUCK! I am still working on my weakness. I think it is also so hard for me because we are out all of the time during the summer and I sometimes just stop at a drive thru for a quick drink... and it is a soda. I tried the lemonade, but it is too sweet for me.
Oh well, I will keep working on my addiction. It will just be a long and steady goal I will have to strive for :-)
Things are going really well out here. I am of course keeping the kids way too busy with all of the activities planned for them. Our days usually consist of play dates, zoo, library, amusement parks, day trips, parks, swimming pools, backyard play or all of the above. I love the summer time. I am going to be so sad to have it end. I have such a great time with the kids and to be able to see them enjoying all of the activities and how they interact in different surroundings just always amazes me!
Well I am off because I was going to do some pilates and read the rest of my book tonight. I love it when it is Jeff's turn to put the kids to bed! Jeff's turn=Mommy time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hilton Head Island

What a trip! We finally made it to the beach on the East Coast! It only took us 4 1/2 years, but we did it! It was gorgeous :-) Dillon did not want to get out of the water. He was soooo excited!
This is Kylie and I playing in the sand. The first day we were there she did not do good because she was running a fever and got sand in her eyes right away. It was not a good combination!

Look at those poor eyes!

She liked looking at the birds. It was really cool to see some of the birds float over the ocean and then swoop in to catch the fish. I just love nature!

Lunch time! It was pretty good for a $17 sandwich. No that is not a typo! I cannot believe how expensive it was for food there!

He is happy to finally get some food in him :-)

Jacuzzi time

Aren't they adorable? She was burning up by this point and we had to put her in the bath to cool off!

This is the balcony from our room. Dillon loved to look at the ocean. We ordered pizza and ate outside to look at the beach for dinner.

A busy day= early bed time!

She is in much better spirits for the second day! She is ready to play in the sand and ocean. YEAH for Motrin!

Kylie and I in the water. I went to the lake with friends the day before and I had to wear a shirt over my shoulders the whole time because they are soooooo burnt! I look like a lobster :-(

I loved playing in the sand with the kids. It reminded me of being a kid and not having a care in the world.

This is a picture of our hotel.

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! Just kidding, Jeff and Dillon buried me in the sand. I think that is a must when you go to the beach!

Last but not least is a video when we first got to the ocean. I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Jeff and I want to take the kids again in August before school starts and he does his inventory. Life is good!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Come back to me Staci!"

That is the sound of the gym calling me. It keeps saying, "Come back to me Staci!" so I did! Today I got the kids out of bed and I was more than happy to get in my workout clothes and go to the gym. When I got there I was nervous for the daycare because Kylie had not been there since she was a baby baby! She did wonderful with the help of her brother, so now I have to go back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next! Hopefully I will start to see results soon!

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July.... Oh What Fun!!!!

I do not have time to post much of a blog because 1) I am exhausted!!! 2) Kylie will be waking up soon! Well, Kristy and the Smith gang came over for Fourth of July to celebrate with us! Aren't they wonderful :-) It is always so nice to have them visit. Dillon and Reece did amazing together. They were best buddies. Although the picture below does show them fighting over a toy, it was a play fight.

We also had time to enjoy the Slip N' Slide and the small pool toy in the backyard while Kristy and I drank some Mojitos. She called us the "Mojito Mamas" I like the sound of that :-) Hehe!

Here is Kristy and Avery... don't they look so cute together. The weather was gorgeous outside. It was only about 85 degrees with no humidity. We could not have asked for a better day.

Dillon and Reece were superheroes for the night too. Reece was wearing that thing everywhere!! Seriously, I think the kid wanted to take it home with him!

Here is our Kylie girl, she loved splashing in the little pool.

Here are Kristy and I drinking our homemade mojitos. They were wonderful :-)

Well, I have to get going. I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. I will post more pictures soon. Also, I need to blog about my nonexistent weight loss and the constant battle of the Diet Coke. Right now, the Diet Coke is beating me :-( Now the Rocky theme song is chiming in my head and I feel like I WILL win this battle :-)
Have a great night!
Staci, Jeff, Dillon, Kylie, and Socs