Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had an amazing time with Aunt Donna, Uncle John, and all the family! I do not have time to write much but we went to the circus, played at the house, jumped in the leaves, went to Gatti Town, and had a memorable Thanksgiving enjoyed by all! Dillon and Ethan were inseparable and Sophia was such a good little mother to Kylie during the weekend. The car ride was long, but both of the kids were wonderful!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the Road Again!

Well I am very anxious because tomorrow we are going to be taking a LONG road trip to Indiana to see Jeff's side of the family. We are very excited but it leaves me questioning things, like did I pack enough stuff?will it be cold? warm? will Kylie be fussy? All of these are unanswered and I am anticipating the outcome!
Today I had my teacher leader from ESOL come osberve me and it made me feel really good. She asked if I could work with some of the new teachers maybe and show them how I do my centers. I love centers in a classroom, they are so effective.
Anyway, I should be all packed except for the snack for the trip because I finished it all last night so I would have enough time to watch Hancock tonight and read the rest of the Twilight book tonight so I can start the next one tomorrow.
I will update with pictures of our trip as soon as I can. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Decorating Fun!

I posted the link because there are so many pictures that it would be hard to post them all! The one picture of Dillon in a headress is Dillon from school. Jeff went to go see them at the Thanksgiving day celebration at school. They had a wonderful time. Jeff took him home after the celebration and they had a good daddy and son time together. They were able to get some stuff for their Christmas decorations and

Well this weekend was a great time! We thought we were going on a date night for Saturday and the babysitter never showed up! That is okay because Jeff and I just relaxed on the couch together after a long day of Christmas decorating. We started to decorate the inside of the house and Jeff and Dillon started a little bit of the outside! They are soo cute together. Dillon actually went to bed really really early tonight because I think we wore him out between all of the Chrismas decorating. The video I posted was adorable because we were decorating the Christmas tree and all of a sudden Dillon breaks out in a song. There is no rhyme or reason to this song other than a little Christmas cheer, so I made him do it again for the camera which he was more than happy to do.

Kylie is getting into everything!!!! She will not leave any of the stuff alone. I think we are going to have our hands full this season. There are some pictures of her spotting an ornament she likes, reaching for it, and finally getting it into her little paws. She would not let it go!!! After we decorated the tree with it I thought she was going to get it down, she is sooo persistent.
We are getting very excited to go to Indiana for Thanksgiving to see Aunt Donna and Family. It should be a great time! I am a little worried about the car ride, but it is better than a plane ride!!! We will not be bothering other people, only ourselves :-)

I started the book Twilight because everybody seems to be talking about it so I am anxious to see if it can live up to the hype. It has been doing fantastic at the box office. There was a girl at the restaurant that was reading it and she told me that it was sold out the three different times she went to go see it! WOW! That is all I can say, WOW!

Well, I have a two day work week and I am excited about that. However, there is so much to do to get ready for everything. I am a little nervous, but I know it will all get done. Jeff is taking off tomorrow and Tuesday to get the lights done on the outside. I am excited to see what he has in store for us this year. I love my Clark Griswald Jr. :-)

Well I have a long day tomorrow of getting the oil changed, work, and taking care of the kids so I better get going. Have a wonderful night and I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dillon and Jeff playing poker

** This is a video from last year that I just love! Dillon is 2 years old***

I tried to put this on the other post but it was not working. Here is the video with Jeff and Dillon playing poker. Dillon wanted to play all night with Jeff. He was excited to be playing with his daddy. I just love to see the two of them together. If you ask Dillon what he wants to be when he grows up, he will say "Daddy, I want to be just like Daddy!" Can life get any better than that?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Got A Camera!!!!!

This weekend was very nice. On Saturday Jeff, Dillon, Kylie and I went downtown to see all of the leaves changing. I wanted to see it when it looks like it will be the last days of fall. All of the leaves have been falling off the trees now and there are a lot of naked trees out there! This is Dillon and I downtown after we went shopping for a little energy in the form of pure sugar. You have to love Marble Slab!

We went to a toy story and Dillon came out with a whistle. Jeff kept looking at me like, "Are you serious, a whistle, could you get anything louder?" I love the noise, what can I say?! He kept playing a game of freeze with us. Whenever he blew the whistle we had to stop. It was really cute at first, then 15 minutes later we got a little tired :-) We love to entertain the kids.

Here is Dillon in the toy store playing with the train. This is the first place he goes whenever he gets in there. Then he heads toward the slide. This toy store is adorable. It has a lot of the old toys in there so it is fun to see some of the toys that I used when I was smaller. That did not include Barbie, because I did not like them!!!!!!

Here is Dillon in front of the toy store.

Playing in the leaves downtown. It was fun to kick all of the leaves up. Jeff was laughing because we looked a little crazy. Kylie enjoyed watching us too!

Here are Jeff and Dillon downtown. Dillon loves his Daddy. So does Kylie! It drives me crazy because as soon as Kylie sees Jeff she is all smiles and hold her arms out to him. Gotta love that girl!

Here is Jeff without his mole. He got it removed a week or so ago. I think it is healing great.

Look at those blue eyes! She was climbing up on me, like usual, and I had to take a picture. She is such a little climber.

Dillon had a good time with friends today putting on silly glasses. He loves the neighborhood kids coming over to play with him.

Here I am, I could not miss out on the fun too!

There is my boy!

Kylie would not keep them on, but I still had to get a picture with my NEW camera. I love my husband!

Here is Socs all wiped out from all the activity this weekend in the house. She is such a great dog. I just love that she is such a cuddler.

Jeff took a picture of me reading a book last night. He was practicing with the new camera. What do you think? The pictures look good, huh!?
Well I better get going, I am soooooo exhausted today. Jeff and I were talking and I was telling him how tired I am and he says, " and you want another kid!" I smile and say yes, but he still says no. Well, I got my camera, now I will have to work on the kid thing! HEHE! Just kidding, he would never go for it.
Have a great night!
Dombroski family

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Weekend of Rest... As if!!!!

Well our weekend of rest was put out the window when we got new neighbors with a 3 year old. I am soooo happy that Dillon has a friend that lives next door. Saturday morning we woke up and went to the stores and when we got home Socs was having a seizure. Poor girl, she had not had one in such a long time, but she was over it quickly and we cleaned her all up. Once we cleaned her up, there was the sound of the doorbell. It was Carter, Dillon's new friend, and 2 little girls that wanted to play with Dillon and Kylie. It was just crazy from there because it seemed like the doorbell kept ringing with kids wanting to play and we ended up with 5 teenagers, Dillon, Kylie, Carter, and another 3 year old girl at the house!!!! Craziness! But I loved it!!!!

This is just some of the girls "mothering" Kylie. It was adorable to watch them. They wanted to do everything with her. I felt like I got a little break.

The picture below is of Dillon and his new friends playing baseball. They were hitting the ball really good. I could not believe how much stronger Dillon is getting at hitting the ball. He likes to show off for the girls. He kept telling them, "Hey girls, watch this!" Then with a big smile on his facce he would hit the ball as hard as he could. My little show off!

Here is Kylie eating her peaches. The girl loves the fruit and green beans. She also loves carrots. She is not too picky with her food. She has liked it all so far. Dillon was always like that too! I wish I could say the same thing now, but he is beyond picky right now. I hope it is a stage!

Here is what happens when Dilllon gets a hold of the camera.

This is a picture from our backyard that Jeff took. Isn't it gorgeous. Jeff and I always feel so blessed to have found a beautiful city like Greenville. We love it here! It is such a nice city and it is very family oriented. It seems like there is always something to do. There is rarely an occasion that Jeff and I do not plan anything for the weekend because there is nothing going on.

Dillon has been a bit obsessed lately with Batman Lego on the XBox. He has me addicted too. When he goes to bed, that is the first thing I start playing. I think we need to get him one for Christmas!

Well, that was a little picture of our weekend. I have a soccer game tonight so I hope that I can score a goal. I am starting to get better and better as more games go on. I am excited to start the indoor league in January.
Also, I am excited to announce Jeff said we can get a new camera before Thanksgiving. Who says that nagging does not work?? :-)
Have a great week and I will post more later on this week!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bronchitis, Sinus Infection, and Ear Infection. OH MY!

Well, you must know by the title that things are not looking so good over here. Our whole household has been sick and we are tired of being sick! Kylie is finally better from her sinus infection, Jeff has bronchitis, I had a sinus infection and ear infection, and Dillon was diagnosed with an ear infection today. I should seriously think about putting my mortgage payment towards the medical bills that I have spent this week. AAAHHH!
Well at least we are all getting better. Jeff and I were supposed to have a date night this weekend but I think we are going to stay at the house and maybe catch Madagascar 2 at the movies with the kids. That should be interesting with Kylie, but we will try :-)
I did not have any pictures to post today since we have all been under the weather so I decided to look in the archives and found some pictures from last year at this time. They include Jeff teaching Dillon how to play poker. This was hilarious. I even posted the video to go with it! I love my boys! It also shows Dillon trick- or- treating from last year with our friends Anthony, Sophia, and Emily. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Jeff and I are loving the fall colors and everything this season has to offer.
My friend Cassie had a wonderful idea since I seem to be having a hard time talking Jeff into getting a camera. I think he might get one for a stocking stuffer this year, what do you think?? Pretty tricky, HUH?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Halloween was great. Dillon was Batman and Kylie was a little pea. We stayed in the neighborhood because our friend came to visit and our whole household has been sick so we wanted to stay close to home. Kylie is on antibiotics and so am I. Jeff will be going to the doctor this week and he will probably get put on some too. Don't you just love the weather changes? The first picture above is Dillon and Manuela running from a house. They had the greatest time trick or treating. They were so much fun to watch. Dillon was absolutely exhausted when we got home. I read him three books and he was ready to go to bed. There was no fight about it at all. That was really nice. Kylie stayed up past her bedtime and she was really good. She is just a little more tired lately from not feeling so good. Anyway, we had a blast and we enjoyed spending time with Manuela, Cris, and Paolo.

Here is Cris and I in the neighborhood.

My little batman!

This picture is before we started trick or treating. Manuela looks nervous because she is biting her nails. Dillon was so excited. Today he took all of his candy and put it in a bowl so we can go trick or treaing again. I tried to explain that it will not be for another year, but he did not get that concept. He wanted to do it again!

The last picture I love is because Kylie has adopted Kung Fu Panda as her pillow. She is always holding on to that thing when she is sleeping. It is adorable because it is so much bigger than her! Kylie started to cruise more this weekend. My baby girl is growing up. I am excited for next weekend because it is date night and we are taking Dillon to Madagascar 2 on Friday. That should be a lot of fun. We will see how Kylie hold up. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and a great weekend! I will post more later this week!