Monday, September 28, 2009

Cuteness that You Can Not Pass Up!

I just had to post this because we were playing today and Kylie just started jumping like crazy so I made Jeff get the camera. Isn't this girl precious!?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

Well sorry about the delay of updating but things have been busy, and they will continue to be busy every weekend until after Halloween. But, that is the way I like it!!!!
The picture below just makes my heart go pitter patter because this is Jeff and Dillon spending some quality time together making Star Wars Legos. Jeff loved to do this as a kid, and he bought Dillon some Legos so they can share something to do together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Tennis time!!! Dillon wanted to play tennis and has been begging me for quite awhile so when I finished my 8 mile run, we went to the park to play tennis. Yes, I did say 8 mile run. I am training for a half marathon in hopes to lose more weight... or at least some. You can always check out my progress at if you are interested.

After tennis, which Dillon loved, we went over to the park. It has been such beautiful weather here I do not want to miss a day of activity outside because I know winter is coming around the corner and so is the indoors. I love the fall!!! The trees are starting to change a little here and when I see it I get butterflies in my stomach, it is gorgeous! It also reminds me that Christmas is coming around the corner.

When we came home from school one day I asked Dillon if he wanted to eat worms and dirt. Of course he thought I was teasing and thought I was the most disgusting mom on the planet, until he realized the end results was really pudding and candy worms. He loved making our worms and dirt and had a better time eating it!!

Kylie shared in the fun too, but she did not get the candy worms! She was cracking me up because she inhaled the pudding!

Here is Kylie girl sitting down to color. She loves to color and draw. She will actually sit there for quite awhile and keep herself busy with coloring, drawing, painting, and stickers. I love that she is finally into the activities because anyone that knows me well, knows that I love activities with the kids!!!

Well I need to soak in a bath because I am so sore from my 9 mile run yesterday. I have a soccer game tomorrow so I need all of the energy I can get since I am the oldest one on the team.
Have a great night and thank you for checking in!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe that I do not have any pictures to post? I am not on top of it this week. We have been so busy, but great times were had by all! Jeff and I started our weekend off with a date night. I love date nights with the husband, it is a nice time to unwind and just enjoy each other without the craziness in the house! We went to dinner and got to see the Hangover. It was hilarious! There were not that many people in the theatre so when my loud laugh started to get going, Jeff did not cringe with embarrassment.
Saturday started off with my joining a friend for a 6 mile jog. That was the longest I have ever jogged, but I did pretty good. Next weekend an 8 mile jog so we will see how that goes. I signed up with a friend to do the half marathon they have in town on Halloween. It should be fun! I am glad my mom decided she might come out for Halloween because Jeff and I are going to need all the help I can get with the kids after a run that long!!!!
After I got back from the jog we drove 1.5 hours to the amusement park and spent some time there. We love that place and the kids always have a good time. Then we went to our friend's house in Huntersville, NC to have some great BBQ. Thank you Kristy and Kelly for having us over! It was a great time!!!
Sunday was a little slower and we went to a BBQ with our friends. It was so much fun but I was absolutely exhausted from the day before, so when Jeff and I came home later that night! We just wanted to curl up and go to bed.
Now today is Monday and we have cleaning and lawn work to do. Have a great day and holiday weekend!!!